Words Words Words

As many words that we say in a day, sometimes we don't stop to think of how we are saying them. In a parenting situation, this can be detrimental to the child. At work, it can cost us a raise.

Being critical can be even worse. In this day and age of cyberbullies and fame monsters, what are we supposed to do? 

Live with the goal of growth. Take the day attention to the words you say. Don't change them -- Just be mindful of them. Mull them over. Did you accomplish actions and goals with the words that you used? Or did you feel like you were hitting brick walls?

How we approach our day is just as important as how we talk throughout our day. Words for Parents will be available for purchase March 27, 2016.

Our courses will always be $5.15 -- it is my commitment to being a change agent, as the owner of Not Shakespeare's School.