What Is A Goal?

Time and time again, people will talk about their dreams. And the ones that are not yet enjoying their life -- always end with -- "but it is just a dream."  

What? Wait? No!!!!

Let's then ask the same person this question: Do you have any goals?

The answer is normally -- "I have a to do list." No, I asked about goals.

Goals are the smaller steps needed to achieve a dream. And there are yet even smaller steps called tasks that get the stone rolling towards the goals.

Let's just start with buying your first new car. And let's make it realistic -- you don't make enough to buy a new car.  

You first step should be to figure out how to make more money. It could be that you have a talent of baking bread. Or you could house sit.  The point is -- your first goal is to increase your income and savings.  

But see -- ten minutes ago, you thought a new car was out of your reach. The important point is that a dream does not need to remain a dream. But you do need to find solutions. Or take a class. Or ask for advice.  

If you can dream it.  You can live it.